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My last book

A fantasy novel, a coming-of-age story, a tale of teenagers’ bullying and violence, carrying a message of hope.

When he awakes in an unfamiliar woodland, a boy is unable to remember who he is or how he got there. Alone, starving and chilled to the bone, he struggles to survive a hostile environment, hoping against hope that he will find his way out and back to a life he only glimpses as flashbacks. When he awakes in the wood, a boy grapples daily with the emotionally desolate environment of a big city. Struggling to survive a dysfunctional family and a school intent on taming him, he approaches adulthood in a hostile environment, a wilderness where only the fittest will survive. Two seemingly different yet inextricably intertwined stories. How will fate tie them together?

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    Cover Oltrebosco di Lorenzo Bosisio


And so it begins

“The boy looked up from the ground below, searching for her. Even though she was really close, he could barely make out her profile, the darkness of the night was so black. He reached out, being careful not to lose his balance, and lightly brushed her hand. The girl stared at him worriedly. Her eyes were so bright they seemed like two tiny silver moons lighting up everything around them. They were sitting next to each other, many feet up in the air, on two massive branches of a huge tree. Silently slithering beneath them and, out of view, was the creature that had been hot on their trail for days.”


  • The novel is aimed at a very young audience who will marvel in a fantasy world dominated by creatures of all kinds with incredible and original powers. I admire the imagination of the author who managed to create a great setting with particular, and in some cases fascinating, characters.
    Mangiapagine blog
  • HEIR OF THE WIZARDS is a thoughtful yet fierce book. The author uses a simple and direct writing, but also poetic, and in most parts he shows his natural ability to read the human’s soul. The fantasy world in this book leads us to real sentiments, described through character’s emotions and brought to us like meditations about what we keep hidden and guarded inside ourselves.
  • YONDERWOOD is a coming of age novel, a book that face, often harshly, the topics of bullying and adolescence, but it is also and above all a novel that encourages hope and happiness despite everything. Lorenzo Bosisio’s writing is concrete, without frills, but the refinement it the choice of words evokes synaesthesia which poetically dissolves through readers’ emotions.
    Andrea G.
  • The book is very good. It covers current topics of great relevance for young people. The smooth and original style, with its references to fantasy as a genre, brings the reader a message of hope, valuable in their everyday life. Absolutely recommended for youngsters and adults of any age.

Who am I?

Here I am, all dressed up. My name’s Lorenzo Bosisio and I endorse the right to live lightly.

Books are my passion: I really love reading, but I love writing even more. When I’m not busy with books, I work, listen to music, practice martial arts and try something new. I experiment with different genres, but my first – and true – love is fantasy fiction. I published two more novels before “Yonderwood” and I’m already working on a new project.

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